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Mies Audio Introduces New Range of Record Cleaning Products

TORONTO, Jul. 14, 2017 – Mies Audio offer everything you need to look after your precious record collection. The Mies Stylus Cleaner Pro set helps to safely remove dust and grime from your turntable needle keeping your sound clean and crisp.
Remove dust and static from your vinyls with a combination of the Mies Carbon Fibre Brush and the ultra soft Mies Record Cleaning Cloth.

Mies Stylus Cleaner Pro

Specially formulated stylus cleaning fluid designed to safely remove dirt and dust from your cartridge stylus. 

Mies Carbon Fibre Brush

Antistatic record cleaning brush removes dirt and dust for much improved sound quality. Handy central cleaning ridge removes collected dust by flipping the bristles through the middle.

Mies Record Cleaning Cloth

Ultra-soft micro fibre record cleaning cloth for use with record cleaning fluid, either as a pre-cleaning before a machine cycle, or manually. 


The full range of Mies Record Cleaning Products are available at select retailers across Canada.