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Mies Audio Introduces the p1000 Phono Preamp

Mies p1000


TORONTO, September 13, 2017 – The new Mies p1000 is the first model in the new Mies Audio Master Series line. Designed to offer the world's very best performance at a comparatively modest price, the Master Series begs to be judged against the world's ultra-high end. The p1000 is a fitting introduction to the line. Dual transformer, dual mono, audiophile grade componentry and full function gain and loading mean that every last ounce of music can be wrung from your cartridge. 

The sound is effortless. Clean, but not sterile. Accurate but not scientific. Dynamic but not hyped. It is simply an open window onto the sound the artist created.

An exhaustive range of Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) settings ranging from 40dB to 72dB gain, and 100ohm to 47000ohm loading mean you can tailor the p1000 to match any cartridge perfectly. A super-special 845ohm loading is designed to match the world's-best Jan Allaerts cartridges. If you're an Allaerts owner, you need to hear this phono stage. Also, gain and loading can be combined in any combination for true tweakers. The ultra-low noise and high quality discrete parts will shock you as to the dynamic range possible from your LP playback system.

Balanced XLR and RCA outputs offer a wide variety of connection possibilities and make the p1000 suitable for professional and library archiving purposes.

Finally, the simple, trademark Mies look is understated but luxurious and complements any high end system.

The Mies p1000 is available online and at select retailers. 


  • Gain Range (dB): 40, 46, 52, 60, 66, 72
  • Impedance Range (ohms): 100, 220, 470, 845, 1K, 47K
  • Distortion MM (40dB): 0.006%
  • Distortion MC (72dB): 0.045%
  • S/N Flat MM (40dB): 80dB
  • S/N JISA MM (40dB): 96dB
  • S/N Flat MC (72dB): 67dB 
  • S/N JISA MC (72dB): 78dB
  • 43cm wide x 29cm deep x 7cm high