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Mies Audio Introduces the s1 Bookshelf Speaker

TORONTO, September 9, 2014 –Mies Audio Inc. is proud to introduce the s1 bookshelf speaker, designed to be the best of its kind under $1000CAN.  The s1 is gloriously open and natural with an impressive scale of sound. Non-fatiguing highs, deep bass and textured mids provide a rich, immersive listening experience. There's no genre of music that won't be flattered by the s1's performance, from Jazz to Rock to Electronic and Dance.  Extremely forgiving when it comes to room placement, this speaker will perform exceptionally well on stands or placed on a bookshelf. The Mies s1 comes in a beautiful walnut finish, making it a fitting addition to any decor style.  The Mies s1 is available online and at select retailers.  Specifications: 8-100 watts...

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Mies Audio Introduces the i100 Integrated Amplifier

  TORONTO, August 17, 2014 – After our successful Kickstarter campaign, Mies Audio is thrilled to introduce the i100 Integrated Amplifier to the international market. Designed for high-quality vinyl playback in a small package, the i100 provides remarkably clean, natural sound.  Powerful enough to compete with amps taking up much larger footprints, it also maintains finesse and accuracy at lower volumes.  The Mies i100 is a result of years of research and testing, gleaned from extensive comparison listening. The built in phono input sounds as good as any external one up to $300. It’s a great match for any speakers costing up to $1500.  With it's undeniably convenient size and built in high-performance phono stage, the i100 provides one of the best...

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Mies i100 Q&A Interview with HifiZine

Originally published on in February 2014.John Reekie: Gunnar, thank you for speaking with HifiZine! How did you get started in Hifi? From the very beginning...Gunnar Van Vliet: My earliest memories of hifi were of listening to components with my dad. We lived in a very rural area and didn’t even have electricity. The stereo was powered by a windmill and inverter! Nightly listening sessions established the audiophile bug pretty early on. Later, I ran a large record store, started selling turntables and then amps etc. and we grew into dedicated audio retail, wholesale distribution and then custom manufacture.JR: Could you give us more insight on what triggered the transition from "dealer" to "manufacturer"?And how are you handling this dual...

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Mies Audio Introduces Custom Designed Mies E200 In-ear Headphones

TORONTO, Jun. 21, 2013 – As a new company focused on providing high quality equipment at affordable prices, Mies is unveiling the first custom designed product under the brand name – Mies, the E200 premium in-ear monitor headphones. Developed through over 1 year of critical listening, top quality sound was the first priority. The Mies E200’s have superbly accurate frequency response, deep rich bass, clear textured mids and detailed sparkling highs. The Mies E200’s are a great way to discover studio reference sound on a budget. At a cost of $99.00, true audiophile quality has never been more accessible. The market for headphones has exploded as more people listen on the go, at the gym, or at work. Mies focused...

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