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About Us

Mies Audio creates high quality stereo equipment at affordable prices. We've taken our knowledge gained from 8 years of retail and engineered products that suit the unique needs of today's audiophiles using the timeless traits of simplicity, user-friendliness and minimalism.

Inspired by the great architect Mies van der Rohe, whose dramatic style defined modernism, we have created a line of products that seeks to establish a new style of audio suitable for today's music lover.

Our products are defined by the theory of:

1. Less is more.
2. Form follows function.
3. Good sound makes people happy.

Each of our products is designed to perform at the very highest level given its respective price point. We want to create products which stand out amongst an overcrowded world of choice and clearly show their value. Mies models don't change often, because we believe in longevity of concept and performance. Like the best kitchen knives, cameras or even buildings, the simple refinement of design allows each person to interact in their own personal way with our products. They are unnassuming but engaging. Simple, but able to express a multitude of emotions. Small, but powerful.

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