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Mies Complete Stereo System

Mies Complete Stereo System

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We've managed to fit the sound and quality of a full-size $5000 system into something the size of a micro. Perfect for small spaces or those on a budget who have audiophile tastes.

The Mies i100 amp has built in phono, headphone amplifier, 4 inputs and even a connection for a subwoofer. Sleek, streamlined and compact, it's the most accurate and natural sounding amp on the market below $1000.

The Mies s1 bookshelf speakers are the perfect match for the i100 - gloriously open and natural with a scale that you won't believe. Voices come to life with texture and delicacy, bass and drums have natural attack and scale, and cymbals shimmer with the brilliance of real life. The s1 are a profoundly realistic sounding speaker which play all types of music with intoxicating presence.

For those used to all-in-one mini systems or bluetooth speakers, this tiny system will shock you. It's truly a breakthrough package for the most discerning budget audiophile. 

Mies i100 Amplifier
Mies s1 Bookshelf Speakers